Beauty And The Beast Wardrobe Name, Beauty And The Beast Characters


Also, look how she’s leaning on the bed, all nonchalantly. Why she is so awesome? WHY?!

And when she opens her drawers! Moths fly out…


“How embarrassing,” she says, as only she could, and instantly, what could have been an embarrassing situation becomes a hilarious one.

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate this wardrobe’s construction.


This is a really well-made portable closet. Drawers on one side, room for dresses on the other? Perf. Also, how great is it that Madame just happens to have a pretty fab selection of dresses?

Okay, so Madame is slightly scared of the Beast at first.


But, so is everyone else. She totally comes around….

…Right now, as she tries to console Belle.


So, when you think about it, we really have Madame to thank for getting Belle and the Beast together. She really planted the seed. Without her, nothing that follows would be possible.

Okay, so then Madame disappears for a bit. This is obviously because if she was the star of the movie, the movie would be SO AWESOME that it would become unnecessary to ever make another movie again. So she took one for the team, and sat out the second act. What a pro.

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But, as if by some sort of psychic power, she’s back exactly when the castle needs her.


Here she is, leading the charge against the angry mob! If there was ever a face that so clearly exuded: “Don’t Mess,” it is this face.

And finally, Madame’s piece de resistance.


The moment where she literally smushes a man underneath her overwhelming awesomeness.

This man has been #BOUCHED.

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That’s right. Madame de la Grande Bouche is so ridiculously wonderful, that she now has her own hashtag. Use #BOUCHED whenever something so awesome has happened that are literally no other words to describe it. You’ll see us use it from time to time on the blog. The Madame de la Grande Bouche takeover has officially begun.

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