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Comparing Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Virtuoso matches Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Supreme house Bakery Breadmaker, What"s the Difference?

The Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Virtuoso and Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Supreme residence Bakery Breadmakers are top quality bread devices that allow you to conveniently bake your own bread at home with the minimum the fuss.
Both the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Virtuoso and also BB-CEC can be fried bread devices incorporate dual-blades for thorough kneading the the dough for higher-rise loaves. No more kneading or mixing by hand!!
Both the Zojirushi Virtuoso and Supreme breadmakers function a huge viewing window so you have the right to see what’s walk on and are super easy to usage via one LCD manage panel, providing plenty of pre-programmed settings to cook a variety of breads, doughs, cakes, and even jams. In addition, both breadmakers feature rapid settings so you can cook delicious tasty healthy and balanced bread in a super brief amount the time.
Both the Zojirushi Virtuoso and also Supreme breadmakers feature the exclusive residence Made Menu role which enables you to conserve up to 3 of your own settings right into the machine’s memory, for this reason if you do minor adjustments to the kneading, increasing or baking times, and also want to repeat this adjustments in future baking, you can store the settings to usage again and again.
Additional functions of both the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 and also BB-CEC20 include a programmable timer hold-up up to 13 hours, a removable non-stick breadpan, and 3 crust-shade options.
So just what’s the difference between the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Virtuoso and also the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Supreme house Bakery Breadmakers? The Zojirushi BB-PAC Virtuoso is a little much more expensive than the BB-CEC20 Supreme and comes through a couple of progressed features the the supreme doesn’t have.
To start with, the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Virtuoso has the addition of a heating element in the lid which helps to ensure the the height of the bread is evenly browned. The second major difference in between the 2 Zojirushi breadmakers is the the BB-PAC Virtuoso supplies an auto Gluten-free program setup which the supreme doesn’t have. In addition, over there is a slim difference between the sizes of the two breadmakers and the design of the manage panel (see pictures and also specifications below).
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Let’s take a closer look at the differences and similarities in features and also specifications in between the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Virtuoso and the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 can be fried to aid you decision which is the best breadmaker because that you:

· Capacity: 2lb rectangular shaped lump of bread.
· Dual-blades for thorough kneading and higher-rise loaves of bread.

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· Pre-programmed settings include: bread, wheat, dough, sourdough starter, cake, jam.
Zojirushi BB-CEC20 home Bakery can be fried 2lb loaf Breadmaker

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 house Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker

“The Zojirushi Virtuoso is the ideal bread maker I have ever had. That does precisely what it advertises and also my bread comes out perfect every time. I have made numerous different species of bread with the Virtuoso and each has cooked perfectly, consisting of 7-grain, potato, white, and also sweet bread.”


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