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If you’re into jogging or running, a stroller that’s purpose-built for this activity is essential for comfort and safety too. There’s a wide range of jogging strollers available, including doubles, so the choice can be mind-boggling and somewhat confusing for buyers.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the joggers offered by specialists Baby Jogger and BOB. First of all, let’s consider what essential qualities you should look for in a good jogging stroller.

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What to look for in a jogging stroller

There’s no point in skimping and trying to cut corners on how much you spend when you’re buying a jogging stroller. If you buy the best stroller that you can afford, it will be better-constructed, safer for your passenger, and will last you longer than a cheaper, lower quality model.

When choosing a jogging stroller, there are a number of essential features that you’ll want your ride to have:

Fixed or lockable front wheel

A fixed front wheel or one that can be locked into place will help to keep the stroller straight when you’re pushing it across rough terrain, preventing your arms from becoming strained.

Pneumatic tires

Although there is always the risk of picking up a puncture, a jogging stroller must have pneumatic tires. That ensures a smoother ride for the passenger over rough terrain and makes pushing the stroller easier.

Remember to purchase a puncture repair kit if one isn’t included with the stroller and make sure that you know how to use it! Also, you’ll need to check the tire pressures regularly.


A decent suspension system is a must for any jogging stroller. Suspension ensures that your child will enjoy a smooth, bump-free ride.

Wrist tether

When you’re jogging or running downhill, a stroller can get away from you pretty quickly, especially if you have a large toddler onboard. Make sure that your chosen stroller has a wrist tether attached to the handlebar. That’s a very important safety consideration!

Handy accessories

Although not absolutely essential, a cup holder saves you having to carry your water bottle, a storage basket is useful for carrying small baby items, and a passenger snack tray can help to keep a toddler occupied while you enjoy your run.

A reclining seat is also necessary so that your passenger can take a nap if he wants to.

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So, now let’s take a look at these two major stroller brands in more detail:

Who is Baby Jogger?

Baby Jogger first began making strollers back in the early 1980s.

Creator Phil Baechler wanted to take his young child with him when he went out running along the mountain trails close to his home. Baechler found that a regular stroller couldn’t cope with the rigors of running. To solve his problem, Baechler created a stroller that could handle the strains and demands of moving faster than just walking speed.

The Baby Jogger range of products also includes car seats, strollers, and associated accessories. Whether you want a stroller that will take you and your child into the Great Outdoors or simply to your local mall or coffee shop, Baby Jogger has a stroller to suit your needs.

Who is BOB?

BOB is a U.S. company that entered the market in 1991 with a revolutionary single-track bicycle trailer. As a spin-off, BOB created a super-lightweight stroller that was designed for off-road use. Likewise, BOB has designed several strollers for on-the-go families who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

Since 2011, BOB has expanded its range of all-terrain and jogging strollers and continued to go from strength to strength.

Now let’s take a look at some of the strollers offered by Baby Jogger and BOB and see how they compare.

Baby Jogger Summit vs. BOB Revolution FLEX Jogging Stroller

These two strollers are both of the very highest quality construction. And if you have twins or two kids of similar ages, the Summit is available in a double version.

Baby Jogger Summit X3


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Final thoughts

If you enjoy running, there’s no need to let having a baby stop you. You can take your child with you in a specially designed jogging or all-terrain stroller.

Baby Jogger and BOB are manufacturers who specialize in producing strollers that are built to negotiate difficult, uneven terrain. This terrain can include anything from patchy sidewalks to rough hiking trails. However, these strollers will keep your little one safe and comfortable with each step.

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Both brands include the essential features that a jogging stroller needs, though the BOB often has an adjustable handlebar, whereas Baby Jogger’s don’t. That might not be a deal-breaker for you if you and your partner are of average height. However, if you’re tall, the ability to adjust the height of the handlebar to fit could save you the discomfort of stooping over the stroller while you’re running.

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