Netgear Nighthawk Ac1900 (R7000) Vs Asus Rt-Ac68U Vs Netgear R7000 ) Vs Asus Rt


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Only get the R7000 is you”re prepared to run third party FW like XVortex, DDWRT, Shibby,etcYes, it”s true the R7000 has slightly better coverage and throughput compared to the AC68U
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* “test information” in the link above to get some of your questions answered (follow the links).You have another thread where you effectively ask the same thing; check there for my answer.
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Thank you for the answers (also at other threads).If I understand correctly, ASUS combined with Merlin”s modifications are better choice.Slightly better coverage of R7000 would be worth something probably only if I flash it with DDWRT firmware and keep it up to date. So RT-AC68U is better than R7000.Maybe someone who has both routers at home or has experience with both of them would be able to answer the question which one is better in real conditions with walls and interferences.I checked and followed the links you suggested, but could not find what was the distances of locations A, B, C, D, E, F from router. “A” is the highest throughput number (in mbps) and it is getting smaller towards F. So I assume A is closest to the router and F is the most far. Maybe the A is endpoint 12″ apart from router as explained here. But how far are the others (B-F)?


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FWIW – the R7000 is the reference device that Tim Higgins uses for his testing…The R7000 and Asus RT-68U are both fairly stable and well supported by third party firmware – it really comes down to what you”ve used in the past, and what”s your comfortable moving forward – the hardware is very similar…

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