Hi Dr Scott, Are Juniper Berries Poisonous To Dogs And Cats?

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Tuesday – October 15, 2013

From: Harrisburh, PARegion: Mid-AtlanticTopic: Poisonous Plants, ShrubsTitle: Juniperus Toxic to Pets?Answered by: Anne Van Nest

QUESTION:Are blue rug juniper plants toxic to dogs? ANSWER:

The University of California – Davis list Juniperus (Junipers) in their Safe and Poisonous Garden Plants listas having a minor toxicity (class 2) for pets and children. This rating means ingestion of these plants may cause minor illnesses such as vomiting or diarrhea. If ingested, call the Poison Control Center or your doctor.

The ASPA list of Toxic and Non-toxic plants to Dogs does not list any Juniperus.

If you suspect that you dog is exhibiting unusual side effects from consuming any plant take them to the veterinarian immediately.

Blue Rug Juniper is a cultivar (“Wiltonii”) of Juniperus horizontalis and more information about growing the plant can be found on our website.

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