Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Vs Anker Soundcore 2 Vs Oontz Angle 3 Ultra (2017)

Anker SoundCore vs OontZ Angle 3: Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The OontZ Angle 3 vs Anker SoundCore comparison is a battle between two Bluetooth-enabled portable speakers that are within the same affordable price range. However, the Oontz Angle 3 has a more advanced version of Bluetooth (5.0) in comparison with the second model (4.2). Thus, it provides a more stable connection.

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The Anker Soundcore comes only in 3 color designs (black, blue, and red). To compare with the Oontz Angle 3, the unit features 7 different colors (there”s even the one with a recognizable Coca-Cola pattern).

Both models use rechargeable batteries as a power source, being completely wireless devices. Nevertheless, the Anker Soundcore has a more powerful battery since it can work for 24 hours, while its competitor works only for 14 hours on one charge. Bear in mind that the battery will only last that long if you listen to music at a medium volume.

The Anker Soundcore is bigger than the Oontz Angle 3 in height (6.5 inches versus 5.2 inches) but smaller in width (2.1 inches vs 2.8 inches). Both models weigh less than one pound, so you can carry them around effortlessly.

The OontZ Angle 3 is one step ahead in terms of a wireless range, covering up to 100 ft area, while the Anker Soundcore covers only 66 ft.

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Comparing the Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 vs Anker SoundCore, I”ve noticed that they have many similar features. For example, both reviewed models come with the IPX5 certification. It means they are splash-proof, so you can easily take them to the beach or a pool party.

Both models also have an inbuilt microphone. Therefore, they can be integrated with the smart assistant (such as Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant).

Speaking of the Anker SoundCore vs OontZ Angle 3 design, it should be mentioned that they both are made of rugged materials, built to withstand the rough conditions. Both are equipped with 3.5mm AUX and USB ports.

Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 review

This 10W speaker can reproduce sound without a significant quality loss even at increased volumes. Moreover, the down-firing passive radiator contributes to better bass reproduction.

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The OontZ Angle 3 has a triangle shape and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. The controls are side-mounted. The edges of the speaker are covered with rubber, while two drivers are hidden under an aluminum grille.

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