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The following Lovely Phone poems have been cross-referenced with readings by Ms. Katrina to verify their meanings.

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Disaster on relationships program: Your natural passion causes you to show your claws! Avoid trouble when you can, and stay relaxed!

Good friendships program: Don't hold it all in! Sharing your concerns with friends may bring you closer together!

Good love program: By opening up your strike zone by one inch, you open yourself up to many new opportunities for love.

Disaster on health program: Your health luck is on a downturn. Be careful not to put too much soap in your bubble bath today!

Good wealth program: Your luck in spending money has improved! Earning points with friends and neighbors will help!

Good items program: You may finally find that thing you've been looking for! If it's not in the fridge, check the freezer!

Good health program: How about taking the stairs from time to time? The key is to take life one step at a time.

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Good friendships program: If you need to apologize, now may be a good time! Don't be stubborn! Openness will be your ally today!

Disasters and broken hearts program: Take a moment when you get upset. Speaking in anger will only yield undesirable results by day's end.

Good love program: Your physical appeal is on the rise! Someone who loves your cute face may soon enter the picture!

Good wealth program: It's a great day to start saving! If you're saving in your dresser, the second drawer is your best choice!

Good items program: You may finally get that thing you've been waiting for! The secret to happiness is staying positive!

Good health program: You might have so much energy that you burst into dance! Be sure to let this side of you flourish more often!

Disaster on wallet program: You might spill some change by forgetting to close your wallet. Be sure to keep an eye on it!

Good friendship program: If you want someone to love you, be honest about who you are. Show them your true self today!

Good health program: If you find a hill, why don't you climb it? Increase your luck as you increase your altitude!

Good wealth program: Biting into a kiwi while facing west by southwest may improve your financial luck today!

Disaster on health program: Sometimes everybody needs time to rest. Treat yourself to a day without worry or stress to recover.

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Good love program: A fateful encounter may just await you on your path today. Don't look down at your phone – look ahead!

Good love program: The mall holds many opportunities for romantic meetings. Don't avoid it just because of the crowds!

Good friendship program: Listen to the advice of your elders! There's a reason for their longevity and it's not just because of luck!

Good items program: If you really want something, get up the courage and grab it! The spoils always go to the victor!

Good health program: Your health luck is now on the rise! Participate in this weekend's (one of 45 sport options) tournament! Note: the sport option will change each time you call, even within the same day. Sport options include: curling, wrestling, canoeing, snowboarding, baseball, badminton, snooker, football, ice skating, roller skating, jujitsu, golf, power lifting, softball, rugby, bocce, body building, surfing, step aerobics, arm wrestling, cricket, table tennis, muay Thai, racquetball, hockey, wrestling, skiing, swimming, soccer, volleyball, kung fu, tap dancing, water skiing, dodgeball, rock climbing, bowling, basketball, hot yoga, hula dancing, skateboarding, capoeira, boxing, tennis, archery, karate…)

Good wealth program: Your financial luck may be at its peak! To the left of the front door is a good place for a gold luck cat!

Disaster on health program: Something simple like stomach crunches may feel like a chore. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Disaster on wallet program: You might end up spending money frivolously because you're trying to impress someone. Don't be fooled!

Good friendship: A new acquaintance may bring good things! How about stopping at that corner café you've been eyeing?

Good items: Your favorite artist may announce a new single! If you're going to a live show, preparation is key!

Disaster and broken hearts: Be wary of curfews when on a date. Breaking the rules can cause big problems for more than just you!

Good health: Ever trained in an indoor pool? If provides high resistance but low impact on your muscles!

Good friendship: Singing loud and proud may bring happiness! Who knows, it may even bring a talent scout to your door!

Good health: If you want to build stamina, how about some early-morning training to K.K. (various K.K. tune)?

Good love: That special someone will appear before your eyes! If you're going out, be sure to look your best!

Good items: Your shopping luck is high! If you're going to a sale, remember to warm up and stretch before going in!

Disaster and broken hearts: There's a storm brewing in your love life! If you sense tension, you would be wise to back off a little.

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