Acronis True image (now on version 2021) is well know as a top player in the PC backup world, that features every little thing needed to fully protect a PC versus data loss making use of both regional storage and also cloud backup. EaseUS ToDo back-up (Home version), in spite of performing an extremely well in our recent testing, is less famous as a backup option however still features many of the exact same tools and also functionality as True Image.

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Both of this applications enable both record and image based backups to be taken and both additionally have alternatives for backing increase data to the cloud, on the surface at least this puts lock on a very similar footing. In this comparison i will put both that these an extremely highly rated applications next by side and see just how they compare versus each other, this will be done on vital features including usability, security, pricing and also support.

This cloud it is in a very interesting comparison and also I’m keen to see exactly how both applications fare, so let’s go!


With the above in mind it is very challenging to separate the 2 here, if having actually cloud warehouse bundled right into a subscription is vital then Acronis True image is the method to go, if a slightly cheaper subscription is much more important and / or you great to exploit your very own cloud storage subscription climate EaseUS could be a far better choice.

Winner: Draw

I really prefer both True photo 2021 and also EaseUS ToDo back-up Home, they are basically very comparable applications however both taking a contempt different approach to resolving the very same problem.

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One the one hand True picture 2021 bundles in cloud storage and security tools such together anti-virus for those that want much more of an “all-in-one” applications to secure your PC and data together. Meanwhile EaseUS still retains the core use of True Image yet with contempt cheaper pricing and the ability to use your own cloud storage should you so wish.

Based ~ above the categories above, thanks greatly to the included security tools and also usability attributes such together inclusion the smartphone apps and document synchronisation via the Acronis cloud, this has to be a success for Acronis. EaseUS is quiet a an extremely credible alternative and I would advise at the very least looking in ~ the trial version of both applications if you have the time prior to making a decision!