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A melodic phrase ending that sets up expectations for continuation is known as a(n)

incomplete cadence.

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A series of single tones that add up to a recognizable whole is called a


The emotional focal point of a melody is called the


The repetition of a melodic pattern at a higher or lower pitch is called a


A resting place at the end of a phrase is called a


A shorter part of a melody is called a


Legato refers to playing or singing a melody

in a smooth, connected style.

A melody that serves as the starting point for a more extended piece of music is called a


A melody is said to move by steps if it moves by

adjacent scale tones.

A short, detached style of playing a melody is known as


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A combination of three or more tones sounded at the same time is called

a chord.

Harmony refers to

the way chords are constructed and how they follow each other.

The triad built on the fifth step of the scale is called the

dominant chord.

Resolution refers to a

dissonant chord moving to a consonant chord.

What does Harmony add?

it adds support, depth, and richness to a melody.

When the individual tones of a chord are sounded one after another instead of simultaneously, it is called a broken chord or


A combination of tones that is considered unstable and tense is called a


Traditionally, a composition would almost always end on a

tonic chord.

A series of chords is called a


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A combination of tones that is considered stable and restful is called a


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