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An object deserve to have a curved surface all roughly it. Such objects have only one surface ar throughout. Instances of objects v the curved surface all around are spheres.

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Real life examples that the objects with curved surface ar throughout are balls, globe, eggs, pipes, domes, etc





There space 3D forms that consist of only flat surfaces. Because that example, a cube, cuboid, pyramid and also prism room all 3D shapes that are comprised of flat surfaces. Your surfaces space squares, rectangles, triangles and also parallelograms. None of them has actually a curved surface. The non-examples the 3D forms with the bent surface room cubes, cuboids, pyramids, prisms, bricks, etc.





3D forms such together cones and cylinders have a curved surface as well as flat surfaces.


A cylinder has actually 2 level surfaces and also one curved surface.


A cone has one flat surface and also a bent surface.

Examples the the objects through curved as well as flat surfaces space drums, cans, cones, etc





There are objects that deserve to have 2 various curved surfaces. The provided image reflects a test tube with a curved surface (wall: cylindrical) and also a curved surface ar for the basic (spherical) too.


Fun Facts

Multiple circles stacked together form a bent surface.

Any allude on a curved surface is equidistant indigenous its centre and also this distance is dubbed the radius.

A level surface deserve to be rolled to type a bent surface, and if you open a roll, friend can acquire a level surface.

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