A Compound Contains Hydroxyl Groups As Its Predominant, Functional Group &Ndash Education Career

Functional groups are defined as the specific group of atoms in molecules which are responsible for the characteristic chemical reactions of the molecules.

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The functional group given to us is hydroxyl group and the functional formula for this group is -OH.

The compound having hydroxyl groups are named as alcohol.

For Example: Ethanol has the chemical formula of


Hence, the given compound is alcohol.

The compound containing Hydroxyl groups as the main functional group is either known as Alcohols or Carboxylic Acids. The Hydroxyl group is hydrophilic in nature that means it attracts water, therefore hydroxyl groups are easily dissolved in water.

Determine the correct order of the steps to processing aluminum from bauxite. I. Al3+ ions undergo reduction, O2- ions undergo o

Option B. V, III, II, I, IV


The steps involved in the processing of aluminum from bauxite include:

1. Bauxite is added to molten cryolite in a tank with graphite electrodes.

2. Electric current is added to maintain the process at about 1000°C. This makes the process more expensive to maintain.

3. Al3+ ions are attracted to the negative electrode and O2- ions are attracted to the positive electrode.

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4. Al3+ ions undergo reduction, O2- ions undergo oxidation as shown below :

2Al3+ + 6e- —> 2Al (reduction)

O^2- —> O + 2e-

O + O —> O2 (oxidation)

5. Oxygen and carbon from graphite form carbon dioxide, pure aluminum on the bottom is collected at intervals.

Comparing this with the above question, the correct order is:


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Find the number of cm in 0.286 miles.
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You can use dimensional analysis: 


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the last one


one atom had a higher electronegativity than the atom it is sharing with.

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Read the dictionary entry. The adjective radiant in a dictionary entry, showing syllable breakdown and pronunciation guide. 1. R
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Filled with Light or Very Bright


I took the quiz.

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4. Write down the differentiate between a. Atom and molecules​
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Atoms are single neutral particles. Molecules are neutral particles made of two or more atoms bonded together.

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Atom refers to the smallest constituent unit of a chemical element. Molecules refer to a group of two or more atoms that are held together due to chemical bonds.

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