How To Locate The Fuel Filter On A 19 97 Dodge Ram 1500 Fuel Filter

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it could probably be done but you would have to get a filter that can with stand the amount of pressure that the fuel pump would be pumping.
I was going to install an inline filter also, on my 98 1500 with 5.2 engine, but I discovered that the fuel lines are plastic from the tank to the engine, so I guess we are out of luck.
plus you would need one for a fuel injected motor. the $7 units you see at autozone would explode because they are seeing 10x the pressure they are supposed to. They make FI Filters but there not cheap. The mallory unit runs $150+

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I think there”s 2 filters on the fuel modual on your truck now (I”ve got on at my desk, I”ll check it tomorrow). One filter sock on the out side of the module and another inside the module. The function is the first filters tank gas into the reservior, and the 2nd filters fuel into the pump itself. The reservoir funtion of the module is to hold fuel while the engine is turned off, so the pump always has a supply, even when the tank is under 1/2 full.Mike Sa


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