SCAM ALERT! We have actually been made aware of a phone call scam. The caller i would may display screen Dallas ar 214-653-7099, however these calls are not coming from our office. We recommend you to no divulge any personal/financial information. We remind friend that federal government agencies perform not do unsolicited calls. If you have actually a pending instance or asked for services from any kind of of our divisions, please call those offices directly.

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Renaissance Tower - 1201 Elm Street, 21st Floor, Suite 2100, Dallas, TX 75270 Phone: (214) 653-7099


Dallas county Clerk’s short article COVID-19 Processes

We room honored to offer the citizen of Dallas ar evening during these stressful and also chaotic times. Please recognize that while we are right here to serve, the COVID-19 virus is still component of ours lives, and the variety of cases continue to increase. We have implemented new processes that protect both our staff as well as the citizens us serve.NO windy RESTROOMS room AVAILABLE.

KNOW prior to YOU GO

To minimize the lot of time spent at our office, please collection the details you need before you arrive.Click the links listed below to find out what information you require for:How to apply for a marriage LicenseObtaining copies of Birth and also Death Records

Mission Statement

The Dallas county Clerk\"s mission is to administer exceptional customer company when assisting the public. This includes being top top the leading edge of operational ideal practices and also further improving and increasing the expertise and an abilities among staff for a much more positive type of client service. Service is no what us do, service is who we are!

We effort to instill:

These values, through far, identify the overall operations and also services i beg your pardon will cause a cohesive relationship between management, staff, and also the community.

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What walk the county Clerk do?

For Dallas County, the ar clerk serves as the documents custodian for Dallas County. This duties covers the following:

County level courts; ar criminal (misdemeanor) courts, County courts at legislation (civil), probate/mental Illness and also truancy courts.Local registrar for crucial records; Birth and death documents (No including births and also deaths in ~ the City the Dallas). Please call the city because that assistance.Issuance of marriage license and also recording them.Recorder of official public records, i.e. Residential property records, army discharges (DD2-14), i think Names for company (DBA)Trust account administrator: for minors and also incapacitated individuals.Ex Officio member the the commissioner’s court.Collector the court cost and also fines assessed in the misdemeanor courts.

What divisions make up the County Clerk\"s office?


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