Dumb question, ns know, and I’m totally assuming that it’s a standard process. I simply need to obtain both driver next doors off of the car, it need to be a matter of remove the hinge fasteners right and also disconnecting the wiring harness?

No require to move the internals to the new door shells... The new doors are fully complete (minus matching an essential hole) and I’d choose to store it all with each other while castle come off... The wiring harnesses is my just concern, i don’t wanna crack right into the panels simply to disconnect a couple of wires...

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Side question, seeing together I never actually insert the crucial to unlock the car, keeping it just how it is wouldn’t collection off the security system? ns only ever use the FOB.


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Not familiar with the Ford combination specifically, but there room a couple of ways they are set up the I've experienced.

In some, the connectors for the wiring harness to the door are available by loosening or removed the rubber "sleeve" in the doorjamb the the wires operation thru. Some vehicles you have to pull the within dash panel and also the relationships to the come the door harness room there. Some vehicles, i believe, don't have connectors to permit easy removed of the doors. You'd have to remove the door panel and also disconnect every the wires and also feed them out of the door, then earlier into the new one.

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That said, removing a door panel isn't difficult if it pertains to that. Removing and also replacing a door panel, specifically on a auto like that, is normally pretty trivial.

I imagine the fob triggers something in the BCM the unlocks the doors, so the fob have to work fine. But... Just remember the key is there for backup, like power failure or the battery in the fob dying. Might be precious considering what you'd need to go with if that happened, and also how much a door cylinder re-key would price in comparison. Girlfriend can acquire a lock re-keyed for like $50-100. What's it gonna cost you if your fob fails to obtain you in the vehicle?