2008 Nissan Altima Power Steering Fluid S & Additives, 2008 Nissan Altima


Nissan Altima 2007-2012 Service Manual / Steering system / On-vehicle maintenance / Power steering fluid



• Check fluid level with engine stopped.

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• Make sure that fluid level is between MIN and MAX.

• Fluid levels at HOT (A) and COLD (B) are different. Do not confusethem.



CAUTION:• The fluid level should not exceed the MAX line. Excessivefluid will cause fluid leakage from the cap.

• Do not reuse drained power steering fluid.

• Recommended fluid is Genuine Nissan PSF or equivalent.


Check hydraulic connections for fluid leakage, cracks, damage,looseness, or wear.

1. Run engine until the fluid temperature reaches 50 to 80° C (122to 176°F) in reservoir tank, and keep engine speed idle.

2. Turn steering wheel several times from full left stop to full rightstop.

3. Hold steering wheel at each lock position for five seconds andcarefully, check for fluid leakage.

CAUTION:Do not hold the steering wheel in a locked position for morethan 10 seconds. (There is the possibility that oil pump maybe damaged.)4. If fluid leakage at connections is noticed, then loosen flare nut and then retighten. Do not overtighten connectoras this can damage O-ring, washer and connector.

5. If fluid leakage from oil pump is noticed, check oil pump. Refer to ST-31 (QR25DE), ST-31 (VQ35DE).

6. Check steering gear boots for accumulation of fluid indicating from steering gear.



1. Disconnect both high and low pressure lines from power steering gear.

2. Drain into a suitable container.

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1. Fill power steering reservoir while checking fluid level.

2. Bleed air from hydraulic system.

3. Check for fluid leaks.


If air bleeding is not complete, the following symptoms can be observed.

• Bubbles are created in reservoir tank.

• Clicking noise can be heard from oil pump.

• Excessive buzzing in the oil pump.


Fluid noise may occur in the steering gear or oil pump. This does not affect performance or durability of thesystem.

1. Turn steering wheel several times from full left stop to full right stop with engine off.

CAUTION:Turn steering wheel while filling reservoir tank with fluid so as not to lower fluid level below theMIN line.2. Start engine and hold steering wheel at each lock position for 3 seconds at idle to check for fluid leakage.

3. Repeat step 2 above several times at approximately 3 second intervals.

CAUTION:Do not hold the steering wheel in a locked position for more than 10 seconds. (There is the possibilitythat oil pump may be damaged.)4. Check fluid for bubbles and while contamination.

5. Stop engine if bubbles and white contamination do not drain out. Perform step 2 and 3 above after waitinguntil bubbles and white contamination drain out.

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6. Stop the engine, and then check fluid level.


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