What'S The 2006 Chevy Impala Power Steering Fluid In A Chevy Impala?


Problem with my 2006 Chevrolet Impala.

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Why does my 2006 impala power steering not work anymore. It is grinding and whining. I checkedthe fluid and it is low / empty. Where did the fluid go. Why does my impala loose fluid.

Answer:A common cause for loss of power steering and the fluid is a power steering hose under the car. Asviewed from underneath, on the v6 there is a small 4 inch hose that connects 2 pipes. It is at theintersection of the right (passenger side) frame rail, and the rear framerail. A new hose and clamps areneeded. Then fill and bleed the system.

On the v8 models, the entire hose / pipe assembly must be replaced. This is quite a big job. Theframe needs to be lowered and an engine mount removed. Then fill and bleed until the whining goesaway. There is a recall for this fluid leak problem. Call your local dealer and give them the VIN number of your Impala and they will tell you if this recall still applies.

Best way to bleed is to get the front wheels off the ground, fill the reservoir half way, turn thesteering wheel to the rt. Then to the left- all the way to the stops. Do this 10-15 times. Check andadjust fluid level, then start the car.

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Question Well.. Say I want to pass someone. I get into it, RPMs go up. And Ihold it there for a minute. After i park it and let the car idle, I hear a, like a whine, or “power steering”whine, but its not the P.S. It won”t do it when you turn. After letting sit and idle, if you rev a little, theengine whines, and gets louder. Any suggestions why my Impala is doing this? Thanks! 2008 Chevrolet Impala.

Answer:Be sure to check the trans. fluid level. Low fluid can give a whine noise that is related to enginespeed. You may need to remove the serpentine belt after you get the noise to start. Then re-startthe engine and see if it goes away.That would indicate one of the accessories on the drive belt is the culprit. If it does go away, thenre-install belt. While it is whining, you can use a stethoscope to try to isolate what is making thenoise-Alternator, water pump, A/C compressor.

There are three types of power steering systems used on passenger vehicles. The first and most popular isknown as power rack-and-pinion steering. It utilizes a power unit built directly into the rack assembly. Whenthe wheel turns, an internal rotary valve directs the flow of power steering fluid to the proper end of thepower cylinder. The difference in pressure on either side of this cylinder assists in moving the rack, therebyeasing steering. A control valve then returns excess fluid to the main reservoir.

Question: There is a recall from GM. They will reimburse you. HOW CAN I GET GM TO FIX IT. Answer: This recall has since ended. Just go to any shop and have themfix it for you. Cost is minimal because it is suck a small hose andtakes only a few minutes on the V6 engine.


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 Expect to pay about 2 1/2 hours shop labor plus about $175 forthe steering hose assembly.

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