One of the most inconvenient things that can happen to your cool Cherokee is when the speedometer stop working. Girlfriend don’t really realize just how much friend look at the point until it’s just always sitting at 0 MPH if driving under the road.

If your Jeep grand Cherokee’s speedometer is not working, it’s normally going to be resulted in by an concern with the VSS (vehicle rate sensor), or a negative ECU. The VSS is normally not an extremely expensive, and also they are not that daunting to replace.

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Vehicles supplied to use a cable that would commonly run native the tail shaft of the infection to the speedometer. There to be a physical/mechanical connection in between the drivetrain and the speedometer.

Instead of this straight connection, a modern-day vehicle uses the auto speed sensor and relays that info to the speedometer. The VSS is one component of a system of sensors the helps store you for sure (traction control, ABS, cruise control).

Speedometer Not functioning Causes: Jeep grand Cherokee

A contemporary vehicle’s speedometer take away the input indigenous the automobile Speed Sensor and sends the data come the ECU. The ECU is programmed with your cool Cherokee’s gear ratios and stock tires height. It combine this data come send the speed analysis to the tool cluster. The causes of a bad speedometer will typically be found in these 4 things:

A usual VSS ECU– Your cool Cherokee’s Engine regulate Unit (ECU because that short) is the computer system that takes all of the information that the vehicle sensors compile and uses that to manage the automobile systems, and also sends crucial vehicular telemetry data to the driver via the instrument cluster. If over there is miscellaneous wrong with the ECU, it may no longer have the ability to send the rate telemetry come the tool panel. This one is a possibility if there space no VSS related trouble codes, yet taking a look in ~ the wiring would be a much better place come go prior to taking a look in ~ the ECU. Speedometer Itself– The odds the the speedometer going the end all by itself, while the remainder of the gauges continue to job-related are not great. Most of the time if the speedometer is out, it way that over there is a bigger trouble with the entire instrument cluster. Do all of the other gauges work? If yes then, the difficulty is probably not in the speedometer, but the signal going to it. Other gauges went the end too? Ok, looking at the instrument panel and also ECU are going come be where to start. Instrument dashboard first.

Grand Cherokee Speedometer Not working Diagnosis

If your Jeep grand Cherokee’s speedometer is not working, the first place to go would be to inspect the business engine quickly light (if applicable). Now, take it it out and also see if the cruise regulate still works. If it does, that’s a pretty an excellent indication the the automobile speed sensor is simply fine. If it doesn’t, it’s time to take a look in ~ it.

After testing the cruise control, you would desire to relocate on to the VSS and also the wiring walking to and from it. Prior to sticking her head under the vehicle, check to see if the fuse going to the VSS is blow. If that is, replacing it may temporarily regain your grand Cherokee’s speedometer, however that doesn’t fixwhy the speedometer quit working. If whatever still checks out, it’s time to move on come the ECU.

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Driving without a speedometer deserve to be somewhat dangerous and off putting. We recommend using a speedometer app. They usage the GPS built into your smartphone to give a an extremely accurate speed reading. You can throw the on her dash till you get it fixed. Great luck solving your cool Cherokee’s speedometer! If over there is anything that you would choose to add, please feel complimentary to leaving a comment below.