2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Anti Theft, 2005 Dodge Caravan Anti

My van won't start. It has a key fob ignition system, and when I try to start it the Anti-Theft light blinks and it does nothing, the alarm doesn't go off. I have reset the Anti-theft, but it does nothing. I have tried 2 different keys (fobs). I have disconnected the battery. What else can I try?I did notice that the steering column is not locking? Could this be the issue, and how to fix? It is in park, and I cannot move the shifter.

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Welcome to!Does the vehicle display any messages in the center of the dash when you insert and turn the key? Typical message are normally “Damaged Key” or “Wrong Key”. If you don't have any messages displayed or response from the vehicle otherwise when the key is turned, it's very possible there is an issue with the ignition switch(Wireless Ignition Node). Regardless, I would see if there are any Diagnostic Trouble Codes set as this will aid in narrowing down the issue. Take a look at the article below for more information. is an 03, uses a SKIM, not a WIN module. WIN have had recalls, and are notorious.


Hello, Yep these cars have a problem with the BCM module. You cant disarm it becasue it runs throughout the computer system. Here is the wiring diagrams so you can see how the system is tied in.Also is the alarm factory or aftermarket?If the battery is weak it can make the alarms go off. let us know what happens.Cheers, Ken

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Lost the only dealership alarm key to our van and couldn't afford a dealership replacement. We had a simple key made (no alarm) and the locksmith reset the alarm that doesn't allow you to turn on the vehicle without deactivating the alarm. However, we cant figure out how to stop the part of the alarm where the horn goes off and the lights blink. To alert for like thirty seconds after a door is opened. Even with the vehicle on and in drive. Humiliating
The BCM needs to receive the disarm signal in order to keep the alarm from going off. See the attached under the disarming. If you are not starting the vehicle with a valid ignition key then the alarm will not shut off. Unfortunately there is no work around that would be cheaper then getting a key that is programmed to the ignition. You can find lock smiths or other shops that have the ability to program these keys for cheaper then the dealer. Plus keys that will work can be found for less the $50.00. I attached the information and the programming instructions that require a scan tool capable of doing it.

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Have an 05 Dodge Caravan that only had 1 key with transmitter when purchased. Dealer wants over $300 for 2nd key with transmitter since only keys with transmitters will start the car. Can't afford that. Dealer told me that there is a way to bypass the anti-theft so that a key without the transmitter fob thingy would work. But he can't tell me how to do it and that I need to look on the internet. I can't find it. It's probably out there but I am using the wrong search terms. Can anyone tell me how to do it?I only have 1 of these Sentry keys, so I have to pay for a new one and the programming, which is either over $300 at the dealer or? With a locksmith (no locksmith has gotten back to me yet). The parts guy at the dealership told me that there is a way to disable the Sentry thing so that a regular key will work (has to be cut but it won't cost $300 for Wal-Mart or Home Depot to cut a key). He told me to check the internet for the directions to disable the Sentry thing so that any key would work and then added that if I did this and my car got stolen then my insurance wouldn't cover it–not worried about someone stealing this piece of junk. But I really need 2 keys.Is there no way to disable the Sentry thing?

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