2003 Mercury Grand Marquis Blower Motor Resistor Location, 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis Blower Motor Resistor

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Can anyone tell me where the resistor assembly is located on a 2003 CVPI? Fan motor only works on high. Bought the new assembly and told it was up under the passenger side dash near firewall but can”t locate it. Is it under the hood near firewall behind the hoses?


I looked for it but didn”t see it. There is, however, a piece of foil-like insulation against the firewall in that area behind the passenger side valave cover gasket. Is it behind that insulation?


It”s by the dipstick tube. I don”t remember seeing them covered. The plug goes straight back toward the rear. You”ll probably need the connector too.

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Well, I finally tackled replacing that resistor last night. I bought a replacment pigtail harness too jst in case the original was fried. Had to remove one of the heater hoses to get access the resisitor and harness. took me about 2-1/2 hours (including swearing). IT wouldn”t have taken so long but I just couldn”t fit my hannds in that tight spot!


Glad you were able to fix it. Divide your 2½ hours into what you”d have had to pay and see what it paid you.

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I hear ya on the cost. My buddy who is a mechanic (not self-employed) told me to do it myself to save the labor. Thanks again for the help rtg143.


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