2001 Dodge Dakota 3.9 O2 Sensor Locations, How To Unplug Upstream O2 Sensor 2000 3

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Any tips for this? I can see the plug, can even touch it just can get any leverage to unplug the connector!! BTW, what genius decided to mount the thing on top of the tranny case?Thanks for any help!!


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I changed mine about 35000 miles ago. Thought it would be really simple. Unplug the old, unscrew, screw in the new and re-attach the cable. What a PIA! I think the next time i will pay to get it done. Made me wish i was a contortionist and had smaller hands.:rant:
2000 Dakota CC 3.9L 5SPD Man
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Can”t Access the Sensor ManageblySorry, I know this thread is old, but having toruble finding discussion elsewhere.I haven”t even reached the point where I can disconnect the upstream O2 Sensor, because I haven”t been able to managely access the sensor itself. What tools, angle of approach, etc. have you guys used to be able to get to that sensor? I just can seem to get my wrenches into a workable angle to break the old sensor free.Thanks everyone!
I don”t know who makes it or where you can buy it but there is a special wrench for the O2 sensors. I had mine changed for free when I had the tranny rebuilt. The dude took about 2 minutes to replace the pre-cat. He just reached up there and disconnected it and I honestly don”t know how. LOL He took less time on the post-cat when I had that replaced.

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Jack the truck up..Reach in from about 1/2 way back on the transmission from the back to the front.You will never get it trying to reach up around the side of the tranny..Or at least it was that way on my 02 r/t dakota..I would assume the 3.9 is in the exact same place..Why is everything on a dodge so much harder than my other cars! lol
I was thinking of “borrowing” one of my wife”s crochet hooks, you just saved me an hour or so of bitching.
Where”s the upstream o2 sensor located on a 2003 Dakota with a 3.9 liter engine? I”ve followed the entire exhaust system and only found one…. directly beneath the inside center console.Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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