Desperate!! 1998 Oldsmobile 88 Stalls While Driving, Engine Stalls While Driving

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I need some help…my daughter has a 1998 olds 88 which keeps stalling on here while driving. We have bypassed the VATS completely using the equipment from New Rockies. Initially it would stall and might restart right then or after a few minutes. It had gotten to where it would not restart. We changed the fuel filter, discovered a gas leak which we fixed and now back to it stalling again but is restarting. Any suggestions on what this might could be?
Welcome to AF, more info is needed here, hot or cold, does it shudder or stumble first, does it start right back up, does it happen slowing down or just before a full stop, when it wont start has anyone checked for spark?
In addition what Max said:scanned for codes?When it won”t start, try disconnecting the MAF sensor and see if it starts…Pull the vac line off of the fuel pressure regulator and see if there is gas in the tubing…..Are you losing coolant?
Seems to happen more when hot, most of the time will restart right back however it has had instances where it will take a few minutes before it will start back. Before gas line was replaced and fuel filter was replaced there was not a spark but haven”t been able to check that again since those were fixed. It will happen just driving, not slowing down or turning or anything like that, no indication that it”s going to happen, it just shuts off completely. From what I have read online I think it could be the MAF….haven”t checked it yet though.
Could also be a crank sensor/ICM……If it won”t start, that makes it easy to diagnose….you check for fuel pressure, spark and injector pulse…..

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Went out Saturday and it won”t crank at all…turns over but won”t crank. Unplugged the MAF and still wouldn”t crank. Waiting and tried again yesterday and still won”t crank. In process of replacing the crank sensor which has turned into a big job. Will see where it goes from here.
it won”t crank at all…turns over but won”t crankA little terminology problem…..I assume what you mean is, the car cranks over, but it cranks over and doesn”t start…..Should not have jumped to the conclusion of a crank sensor… test for fuel pressure, spark, injector pulse….if you have all three then you check compression…..If you have no spark AND no injector pulse, could be crank sensor, ICM, or the wiring/connections in between them… spark, but you have injector pulse, then it”s the ICM(rare all three coils fail at the same time, almost impossible)…..

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Got the crank sensor installed…not an easy task to say the least!! So far car is actually cranking!!!! I can only hope it will continue and not stall while driving or not continue to crank. Thanks for everyone”s response.

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